For hounds and the humans that love them

Welcome to BlingDogs!


BlingDogs custom jewelry for hounds and the humans that love them- All expertly handcrafted, stunningly beautiful, and simply classic.


Doggy jewellery? The idea may seem a little over-the-top, even silly. But the necklaces aren't just for show; Blingdogs makes tag collars, human necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, but most importantly a beautiful and quality piece to cherish and remember your four legged companion.

All of the jewelry bought from BlingDogs has a lifetime guarantee. If the piece ever breaks, just mail it back with all the pieces and I will put it back together for free.

The Bling


All of these necklaces are unique, handmade, and of my personal creation. These are not to be used as a restraining device of any sort, and they are not a replacement for collars. It is up to you to make sure that the dog is safe while wearing them. They can be constructed out of stretchy cord, which will break under stress, or clear or silver fishing line which will stand tough when pulled hard- however, this may pose a choking hazard. Always keep a close eye on your dogs wearing the necklaces. When you order, tell me which of the 3 you would like for your necklace.

Charitable Donations

As a retired racing greyhound lover, and an owner of a wonderful one myself, I would be honoured to donate some bling to a charitable event that needs raffle/auction items. I hope that my pieces can make a difference to animal welfare, and in the lives of animals in need.

Not just pets but humans too!

I would love to make human jewellery for you, yourself! You could go matching with your furry friend, such as a complementing set of earrings, or simply a piece of bling all to yourself. I can design and make affordable and personalized pieces for gifts as well.

Custom Designs

At Blingdogs, no necklace or doggy bling is the same. Each one is custom made and of the highest quality. These necklaces are in fashion and made to last, and are sure to pick up comments from your friends at work or at the dog park! If you're looking for a certain colour, aren't sure what would look good, or have precisely something in mind, drop me an email at .  I'll attach a few pictures of what I have in mind for you, and you are free to take them as they are or something completely different. Don't be shy. You are never pressured to buy anything if you don't like anything you see. Lastly, thank you for visiting!